The way out is within
A kiút befelé van

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The Secret of Happiness Locked in Your Fears: The Foundation of Life Long Inner Peace, Harmony, Health and Weight Loss.

This book outlines Dr. Zsu’s international program “Live Your Life Alive.” The program has brought sustained change for many thousands of people around the world. This book consists of two parts: the past and the future. Understanding your past, transforming our fears, setting up new goals, which are in line with your true self and part of your empowering lifespan, are the essence of this book. You will discover page by page your limiting blocks, learn to let go, and liberate yourself via your life skills, which makes you experience change. The book holds the hand of the reader while experiencing change.

Why Dr. Zsu?

You are likely here to find answers or solutions to your problems. It is likely that I attracted you in based on my life experiences, which I am sharing with you.
Broken family, 40 years of hardship and multiples of failed relationships characterized my life, which centered around excelling professionally: in sport and in carreer. Growth is in my blood, therefore. I took all hardhsip to propel my personal and professional growth. I devoted my life for transformation and teaching.’

All of our pain in life are actually blessings if you reach within. I beleive that your life calling and health is hidden in you under your pains and fears. Through my professional and personal journey I founded an Integrated Health program Alive, which gives you the tools to transform all layers of hardship and fear to reach total health: Mind-Body and Spirit. My calling is to facilitate people through this step by step easy to understand system to reach within make the change and reach their inner calling and total health. If I could change from my misery filled fearful life then so can you. I beleive we all have the responsibility to transform our painful pasts to make, peace within, hence make this world a better place.


Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon
Ph.D., M.A., M.A., M.Sc., CNS.

The Leader in Integrated Health

Dr. Zsu is the chemist, who used specific scientific methods, spiced them up with Eastern practices, put it all through her personal experience to evaluate practicality. Her unique evaluation helped to create new processes, refine and re-form existing practices to increase effectiveness. She invented the friendly formula ”Alive” and teach it herself.

Dr. Zsu’s specialty is to make a difficult and very fearful topic understandable and digestible. She designed the steps to get out under the grip of fear, reach inner emotional freedom, achieve inner happiness and health. She helps the person to connect within her or himself to reach their inner knowledge.

“Unlock your fears to bring out your love and brilliance.”

The Journey

Dr. Zsu has lived and worked in diverse cultures around the world. She has gained her experience in the past 24 years by living, studying and working on four continents, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Her motivation has never been about money, but rather the difference she makes in people’s lives. She finds immense pleasure in seeing others finding themselves and living a happy and healthy life.

Always having felt different and driven to learn, Dr. Zsu continued to make processes better, for reaching maximum performance in sports. This has allowed her to remain consistently above average, in her willingness to make life in general, better for her patients.

Dr. Zsu realized that it’s not about the accomplishments we reach in our careers. Life is about how happy and content we can live everyday, while contributing to the betterment of this world.

Dr. Zsu’s studies (4 University degrees and different professional courses) and her personal and professional experiences, have helped her to extend her views in health. She has pioneered to create ALIVE, an integrated health education system, in 2008, She merged the best of science and a traditional health approach with Eastern alternative medicine.

What is ALIVE?

Alive, Live your Life Alive, is an evolutionary integrated health educational program, addressing practical change from 4 different angles:

How to think, emotional freedom, fear transformation, compelling future.
How to eat, blood sugar regulation and immune system strengthening.
How to move, practical easy recovery regeneration, anti-aging, hence ultimate fat burning.
How to rest and have physical, mental and emotional recovery in the fastest possible way.

Dr. Zsu created and taught all aspects of her unique integrated health and wellness education program. Typically this would have involved four experts, to run a program of this size.
She realized extensive experience was needed, to see the problem differently to find the “out-of-the-box” solution and create something unique.
Dr. Zsu personally lives and breathes what she teaches. Her life and work are an example for all. She is an authentic and congruent educator that gets feedback from her training.
Dr. Zsu says.”If I can change my inner vibration through transforming my fears, healing my emotional pain to become social (proof of a self-managed healthy, physical, intellectual and emotional entity living in true happiness) so can you!”

Experiential learning to bring Integrated and personalized health

Dr. Zsu recognized two decades ago, that health is not just doing one thing. Health is total integration of ”doing it all.” Based on this philosophy, Dr Zsu created the evolutionary and unique program ALIVE – Live your Life Alive.

The most significant inner change, is the experience of deep inner peace. Inner peace calms down stress through physiology, hence reducing food intake, promoting an alkaline, vegetarian diet and active lifestyle with sharp concentration. The calmed physiology decreases and resolves medical issues, addresses obesity and degenerative health issues.

Building reference experience is one unique part of the program. The program allows the person to take the first steps in a supportive environment and then continue taking steps later on their own. The ultimate goal is to become self-managing in all parts of life, beginning with managing emotions.

The program opens a new life path and gives meaningful goals for the future and unifies people to do good for the world.

This program allows an individual to choose the entry points. The program takes an individual step by step through the neccessary path.

The program involves “emotional detoxification” to reach lifestyle changes inside and out. The inner changes bring about lifestyle changes. The mindset change will create a change in the activity level and diet. The inner love brings change to the relationship of the person and therefore others.

ALIVE: The Unique Life Balancing Program

The uniqueness of the Alive program is not only the content but the design and the delivery as well. Dr. Zsu studied many different methodologies and found NLP to be the most efficient base of her delivery. The contents were carefully selected for effectiveness and practicality to make a difference and change for those who are ready. Dr Zsu’s specialty is, to tailor and refine the general to bring lasting change in the person, in the shortest possible time.

She realized the necessity of time. Taking each step takes time and needs specific tools. Every section is vital in the program. The program is an extraordinary journey for everyone while becoming self-managed, emotionally, mentally and physically.
The uniqueness of the program, to give a reference experience, practical knowledge. The changed behavior and lifestyle flows into real-life practice; then the change is merged into the family and society.

Participants learn to resolve only the amount of problem that they are ready to work. They receive the specific tools at the appropriate time and practice each step correctly, before moving forward to the next steps.

The Alive program is unique as it is a practical experience. There are no booklets and handouts. You are invited to take notes and write with your own hands. Handwriting has a unique effect on your learning.
All elements of the program have been tested, tried and refined by Dr. Zsu herself.

What Alive is NOT!

The program is not a walk in the park and not an overnight weight loss program. It is nothing difficult and nothing complicated. It is not magic, but a strategically designed, individualized program. There are no gimmicks, no visualization and no chanting. There is nothing to divert your focus to an external source. Therefore, Alive is not for anyone who wants a quick fix for something external.

Alive: The Inner journey 

The program provides a brilliant and unique way to deliver change.
One must experience change the Live your Life Alive-way and arrive at Living life Alive.

The program is a journey into self. It is unique, as it helps you to get in touch with your inner knowledge, your inner truth, which solves all your issues.

The program opens your intuition, so your inner knowledge will be available to guide you. You will be the sole owner of your solutions. Your intuition is your divine solution, which leads you always on the right path, the path of truth.

The program is unique to provide more support during the initial phases, then gradually allows the individual to take over directing his or her life. It takes time for the old behaviors to fade out and new ones to develop. Forums and special groups are available for the attendants for life extended emotional support. Through the program, you can connect with those who are going through similar changes.

The program is unique at keeping people together, based on their changed mindset. The program is a unique opportunity to get to know others and develop friendships. Friendships that turn into relationships, are the bottom line for the new generation.
Alive is a personal development program, enabling one with the tools to manage oneself in the context of a relationship. An emotionally healthy individual can live a balanced lifestyle, can form balanced, stable, loving relationships and bring up emotionally balanced children. Emotionally balanced families are the foundation for generational change.

Who is the program for?

The program address those, who want to change, restart their lives after broken relationships, carrier change, change in life status or returning to life after raising children. If you really had enough and ready to do the work to get out of stuck, the program is for you.

The program is exceptional for those youngsters, coming from broken families, or for those who are lost already on this technical directed world. It is essential to help the youth to develop a meaningful future.

Dr. Zsu’s long term goal to build this education program into the curriculum at Universities and offer courses at community halls.

The portfolio of intellectual properties

Dr. Zsu with three master and a Ph.D., Functional medical, NLP and yoga certifications, is a practitioner herself. Her teaching is authentic and congruent. When you get to meet her, you feel the difference why she is not a” motivational speaker,” but a Thought Leader in integrated health education.

She presents on international scientific conferences in Nutrition, Weightloss, Exercise Medicine. As a Yoga master trainer (World Yoga Alliance) has 200-hour yoga teacher training. As a performance coach she teaches residential retreats, holds training workshops for companies, universities (lecturers, students), school and kindergarten teachers, athletes and the general public. She takes dedicated people individually and holds her sessions via video call.

She delivers sessions from small training groups of 10 to 1000 people at a time. She has taught yoga and meditation on Sunday mornings on Karachi beach in Pakistan for five years. Has worked with women prisoners and had sessions in the Police Academy.
She is one of the first health educators for the World Health Innovation Summit, UK.

Put her in any situation she will know exactly what she needs to teach there.

The Personal Journey

“I am very thankful for my parents, for my life and the experiences I received. Learning from them made me who I am today.”

Zsuzsanna grew up angry from being in a broken family, where she never felt at home. She learned to measure her value with her performance. Her parents worked long hours, so she spent time with neighbors that acknowledged and appreciated her. She was a very active child and became an athlete and excelled academically as well in school to feel valuable.
For 40 years of her life, she had to prove everything to herself and was dependent on the pain of creating difficulty in her life. As a result, she experienced multiple failed relationships, but managed to break through all hardship with her strength and determination to build a career.
Hitting bottom came with the realization of what and why she had been running away from. Running away from facing her critical and rejecting behavior, meant physically moving to different parts of the world. She lived in 4 different continents. Her life was full of compensation, manipulation, resentment, and control, to keep the truth hidden inside. She kept significant control over her lifestyle, which was a constant fight against gaining weight. Since her family genetics carried obesity, she controlled her slim figure with strenuous workouts and diets.
Through her studying and practical work on herself, she became an expert on health. Her perfect professional life, kept her painful personal life hidden.
She had been lying to herself about her life and blamed everyone else. One day life on the personal level reflected back what she had been doing to herself and others. The reflection in the mirror shattered her to pieces and she almost gave up in 2010.
She realized she had to change herself, and take responsibility to change the destiny of her life. She had to learn to love and accept the person she has been running away from, that is herself. Her diligence and discipline helped her through the temporary rocky times, learning to let go of her fear of love. For 3 years she remained very active in her healing process, which made it possible for her to love herself and live without expectation. She learned to trust herself again so she could love others unconditionally.
Dr. Zsu is very greatful for the vital mentors in her life along with Vipassana meditation.
Her devotion to healing herself enabled her to stand up for herself. As a result, she removed all toxic personal and business relationships, to establish a new life based on an entirely new foundation. After 24 years she stopped running away and finally removed her fears about moving back home to Hungary. Shortly after, at the age of 47, she married a man sent to her, by the Universe, her soulmate. She has been quoted saying “We are a one-celled entity. If I think of something, my husband speaks it out loud and vice versa.” They live a simple and humble life in the countryside of Hungary with their three loving dogs. Living her dream life.
Dr. Zsu works from home. She conducts online coaching sessions, writes and travels for her training. She loves every second of her life, lives in gratitude and finally feels home.